Susquehanna Trailers Hiking Club


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1. Members and guests are responsible for having their own water, proper footgear and other hiking equipment. Be prepared for weather changes.
2. Please be on time. Also have enough gas to get to and from the hike.
3. When in caravan on the way to a hike turn on your headlights and keep the car behind you in sight.
4. Car poolers are requested to reimburse their drivers .07 per mile.
5. On the hike follow the hike leader. Do not get in front of the leader or behind the sweep appointed by the leader. The leader should go no faster then the slowest hiker.
6. When walking on roads or highways, keep to the left and watch traffic.
7. Regroup frequently and at all intersections.
8. Do not litter or leave rubbish or papers behind you. Bury your toilet tissue.
9. Do not pick flowers, destroy plants or walk on cultivated grounds.
10. Prevent forest fires. Do not smoke on the trail.
11. Be sure to close all gates that you may open.
12. Be considerate of private property.
13. Be thoughtful and courteous to fellow hikers.
14. Pets are not permitted on hikes.
15. Hike leaders AND club members are responsible for enforcing above rules.

Disclaimer: Leaders, officers or representatives of the Susquehanna Trailers Hiking Club shall not be liable for any injuries, loss or damage to person and/or property, direct or consequential, arising out of any trips and/or activities of the club. Every person participating in any of said activities or trips assumes all risks and liability. Note: Hike leaders may refuse to allow any person to participate in the hike who in their opinion is not properly equipped, adequately prepared, or physically fit.